Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nostrum Confoederatio Helvetica

Switzerland is a small, landlocked country in the middle of Europe. You probably already knew this. It's only 41,285 km² big. That's one tenth the size of California for reference. I didn't know it was that small until I looked it up during the middle of our trip. Though it is geographically small it is emotionally huge to me. 

I just finished backing up all my stuff to head home. This is always the least favorite part of any successful trip for me. I'm not ready to leave.  I was ready to leave Russia when we were coming home from the Olympics. It's not that we didn't have a great time, we did, but Russia was not as welcoming or charming or warm or most importantly, full of friends. 

That's the real difference for our Switzerland. I've been to lots of beautiful destinations but I've never really had friends abroad to visit. I'm not always the most social of people but visiting friends while traveling really helps make things stand out. It makes places warm. It makes them a bit more familiar and a little more 

I know I have the tourist view of Switzerland. I'm sure there are some not so great people and places here (at least one or two). I also know that I'm all wrapped up in emotions with my new fiancé. Even still, this had been the most perfect week. The best vacation. The best way to start a new chapter in life. It's been the best and perfect place to visit. I don't want to leave and doubly so this time.

It's true that Zermatt is just a town and the Matterhorn is just a mountain. Maybe neither of them is ultimately that special. There are lots of towns near mountains with pretty views. But our Zermatt is special. Our Matterhorn is full of magic and majesty. Our Switzerland is perfect and our own. Our Switzerland is huge. In every sense of the sentiment, I say Hop Suisee! 

Thanks you Switzerland, you're not really that neutral to us. 

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