Sunday, September 14, 2014

2:45, Still in Zurich

Thanks to the Swiss technicians who smashed a car into one of the engines of our plane (no joke, this really happened) I have time for one final blog while still breathing Swiss Air (see what I did clever, I know). 

We're up in the Panorama Lounge, which has a decent view of the runway, having a feast of a lunch. 

The soup and bread is pretty good really. I'm going to get seconds, be right back. 

Yum. Ok, where was I? Oh yes, final thoughts. Here are some odds & ends from our trip. 

Swiss Vending Machines

Because its always nice to grab a smoke, a pregnancy test, then a Capri Sun. #awesome

Don't be to hot on an elevator

Or maybe don't have too much romance?  Not really sure. 

Also, this bathroom is not for dragons. 

I can double confirm that Swiss women still like to wear leather pants. Not sure why. 

Total Ferraris in Zurich: 4. Total Mustangs with stripes: 1. Sorry Marissa. Zurich is a Ferrari town. 

Dinner and drinks with friends is a great way to end a trip. 

The Underground

This was my first ride ever in an underground funicular!

They run a marathon in Zermatt. Through the Alps. #hardcore

Lastly, I still love it here. Hop Suisee!

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